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The 5 Kinds of Waterbed Matresses

Nothing can compare to the serenity and worry free feeling brought by laying down on a waterbed mattress. From the young children who need plenty of sleep to grow, to adults who need lots of rest to recover from a busy day, a waterbed mattress is there to provide all their needs. Waterbeds are really becoming more popular since people discover the benefits they can get from sleeping in a waterbed mattress.

Waterbed mattresses come in different kinds. Each waterbed mattress has a unique purpose and benefit. Here are the five basic kinds of waterbed mattresses..

1. Semi motionless waterbed mattress
With a semi motionless waterbed mattress, you may enjoy stability with a touch of average water movement. This kind of waterbed mattress stops moving after 8- 10 seconds. It has a fifty percent water movement.

2. Free flow waterbed mattress
Free flow waterbed mattresses doesn’t contain any fiber. This is the first kind of waterbed mattress wherein you can really feel the water movement. A free flow waterbed stops moving after 15- 20 seconds.

3. Waveless waterbed mattress
A waveless waterbed is stable enough to be undisturbed by the movement of water. However, you can still achieve the feeling of sleeping in a waterbed. A waveless waterbed mattress stops moving after 4- 6 seconds. It has a 75% water movement.

4. Fully stabilized waterbed mattress
A fully stabilized waterbed mattress is composed of layers of fiber which have the capacity to absorb all the water movement making this mattress fully stabilized. It has a 99% water movement.

5. Motionless waterbed mattress
This kind of waterbed mattress readjusts to your body shape and only has a little movement. Motionless waterbed mattresses became a popular waterbed matters due to the comfort it provides when sleeping. It has a 95% water movement.

Be aware that taking water out of the waterbed mattress will make it softer while adding water to the waterbed mattress will make it firmer. Inside the waterbed mattress, there are layers of fiber that will dampen the water movement. Remember to choose a waterbed mattress that will complement your needs.

If you really want to feel the water movement, consider a free flow waterbed mattress. This can help relieve muscle aches. However, if you are searching for a waterbed mattress that has the same feel and stability of an ordinary foam mattress, then a fully stabilized mattress is perfect for you.

Feel free to shop online at Walmart or Amazon for waterbed mattresses and waterbed accessories. Some waterbed mattress dealers offer free shipping delivery. You may also visit your local shops for good quality waterbed mattresses.

Now it’s time to lay down on your new waterbed mattress and feel the difference!

The Different Kinds of Waterbed Heaters

Sleeping in a waterbed can provide you comfort that you deserve after a very busy day. It’s like laying down on a zero gravity bed, it gives you the feeling of floating in water. Very relaxing isn’t it? Not only it can provide a goof cushion, it also comes with a heater that can make you warm while sleeping.

Waterbed heaters have some therapeutic benefit for people who are experiencing muscle aches and other mild joint problems. It may also help take away the chill brought by a winter night. People who suffer from insomnia can also benefit from a waterbed with a heater.

There are two main kinds of waterbed, the hard-side waterbed and the soft-side waterbed. Soft-side waterbeds are built with foam and mattress casing which means it requires less heat. On the other hand, hard-side waterbeds are built with side materials that make the waterbed more stable. Hard-side waterbeds need more water which makes it a more effective heating system.

Here are the different kinds of water heating systems intended for a soft-side waterbed and a hard-side waterbed..

1. Solid State Heaters
A Solid state heater is commonly used for hardside waterbeds. This kind of waterbed heater is easy to install and is more energy efficient compared to a bulb and cap heater. In a solid state heater system, a heating mat with a thermostat is located under the mattress. You may visit Amazon and search for Blue magic solid state waterbed heater for a free shipping.

2. Bulb and Cap Heaters
Bulb and cap heaters are used for hard-side waterbeds. In a bulb and cap heater system, a copper foil is filled with ethylene gas. This kind of heater is cheaper compared to solid state heaters and soft-side heaters but are not as energy efficient. You may visit Amazon or Walmart online and search for Calesco bulb and cap waterbed heater for a free shipping.

3. Soft-side heaters
A softside heater is primarily used for a softside waterbed. Soft-side waterbeds contain less water so a heater with less power is enough to keep the waterbed warm. You may also search in Walmart or Amazon the Thermal guardian digital softside waterbed heater for a free shipping.

Now you need to know some basic rules when using a waterbed heater. Keep in mind that heated mattress pads and electric blankets must never be used when sleeping in a waterbed with heater. This is due to the fact that any accidental leakage may result to electrocution. When it comes to electronic devices or heaters for your waterbed, make sure to only use those devices which are specifically designed for your waterbed type.

You may purchase waterbed heaters online at Walmart or Amazon for some free shipping. Make sure to purchase a trusted brand of waterbed heater to avoid any accidents or malfunctions in your waterbed. Better be safe than sorry. Say goodbye to cold nights and let a waterbed heater warm and lull you to sleep.